10 Top Valentine's Day Gifts!

10 Top Valentine's Day Gifts!

Valentine's/ Galentine's Day is right around the corner. Do you need some gifts for your BFF, family or friends?

Here are some great choices:

1. Love & Heart sweaters & tee's $45-69

2. Drew Barrymore's cookbook 'Rebel Homemaker.' Great for your bestie & get one for yourself too. $40

3. Layla wrap heart bracelet by Jenny Bird. One of my favourite pieces in the store right now. $88

4. Curated Valentine's Day Gift boxes full of best sellers.ย  You can't go wrong with these gifts. $35-65

5. Don't forget to add a Valentine's Day Card. Love & Heart $6

6. Flowers are always a good choice.

7. Hunter Play Boot Short in mauve.ย  New for Spring!ย  What a great colour. $140

8. Bkind Lady in Red nail polish - 10 Free! $16

9. New Matchsticks which would be great to pair with one of our beautiful candles. $20

10.ย  Porch swing candles in Love You & Sweet Thing $22

These are some great gifts to choose from but we have so much more.ย ย Check out new arrivals for all the new products.


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