Netflix Movies for the Holidays 🍿

Netflix Movies for the Holidays 🍿

A few Netflix picks to add to your must-watch list this holiday season.  Don’t forget the hot chocolate, popcorn and cozy up in a Horby Blanket.


El Camino Christmas
Stuck in a liquor store during an alleged robbery, a group of strangers shares hidden truths and forms an unexpected bond on Christmas Eve.

A Boy Called Christmas

A young Nikolas Klaus travels north on a quest to find his father who is searching for a village of elves. A reindeer and his pet mouse join Nikolas as he journeys on a magical adventure. 

Deck The Halls

An optometrist's Christmas celebration gets upstaged by a new neighbor who wants to create a holiday display bright enough to be seen from space. 

David and The Elves.
A Christmas elf sneaks away to the real world, where he attempts to see if the magic of Christmas really lives up to the hype. 


The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

A now-teenage Kate runs away from home as she is unhappy with her mother's new relationship. She lands at the North Pole, where a naughty elf is plotting to cancel Christmas. 



Created by the same person who made Despicable Me, this Netflix original Christmas movie is about a young postman who befriends a man named Klaus.

Let us know what you recommend for a Christmas/Holiday must-watch! Share in comments below..


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