March Lemonberry Book Club Pick

March Lemonberry Book Club Pick

From Ashley:

Hi friends - I’m so excited to share our March book club pick! I chose this book because it sounds adorably heart warming. Yinka seems so relatable to so many of us and I’m excited to dive in with all of you! I’ve seen this one compared to Bridget Jones while being modern and fresh. It honestly sounds hilarious! I’m excited for a lighter read after our heavier February pick! 

~ Ashley @life__with__books



Nigerian aunties frequently pray for her delivery from singledom, her work friends think she’s too traditional (she’s saving herself for marriage!), her girlfriends think she needs to get over her ex already, and the men in her life…well, that’s a whole other story. But Yinka herself has always believed that true love will find her when the time is right.      

Still, when her cousin gets engaged, Yinka commences Operation Find-A-Date for Rachel's Wedding. Aided by a spreadsheet and her best friend, Yinka is determined to succeed. Will Yinka find herself a huzband? And what if the thing she really needs to find is herself? 

Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? brilliantly subverts the traditional romantic comedy with an unconventional heroine who bravely asks the questions we all have about love. Wry, acerbic, moving, this is a love story that makes you smile but also makes you think - and explores what it means to find your way between two cultures, both of which are yours.

Listen to a bit of the audio.

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