Pam Am Games Upcycle

Pam Am Games Upcycle

This is the best of upcycling ♻️ by @prelovedtoronto & Redwood Classics. They made some great pieces from Pan Am Games Banners ❤️ and we carry them now!

After Toronto hosted the Pan Am Games in 2015, the city found itself with hundreds of leftover street pole banners. This isn’t a new problem for cities that host international sporting events; on average, these events create over 50 tonnes of plastic waste. While steps are being made to reduce environmental waste from sporting events, banners and other signage are still single-use items.

When the opportunity arose to create something useful and beautiful out of the Pan Am banners, while celebrating the legacy of the Games for the city of Toronto, Redwood Classics and Preloved rose to the occasion. Each piece in the Upcycled Pan Am Games Collection has been thoughtfully designed to help the user reduce their own environmental footprint with each use.

The collection Lemonberry is carrying includes a produce bag, shopping bag - each one crafted to reduce the number of plastic or single-use bags that the user needs to waste. From one banner, they have created a complete collection of multi-use products.

You can buy the shopping bags here & the produce bags here.



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