3 Simple Tips to Reduce Waste this #EarthDay

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Waste this #EarthDay


With Earth Day approaching we are reminded to use less and this is definitely applicable to many aspects of home organization – why? Because when we go through our belongings and edit out the items that are no longer serving us, we are making a conscious decision to only hold on to the items that are.

1. Edit your pantry items and dispose of expired foods for a fresh start Starting with the heart of any home: The Kitchen. We tend to hold on to a lot of singular items in this space be that food, gadgets and sometimes just plain junk!


A home organization task you can do this Earth Day is to go through your food stock and edit out the expired products, and food you definitely know you aren’t going to consume (like those gluten free ‘Smore cookies you thought might be interesting perhaps?). Then make room for the food items that deserve to be front and centre in this zone so that you are no longer searching for missing food items or buying and rebuying the same products because you can’t seem to find them amongst the chaos. If you have containers to categorize your food products then great! Absolutely work them into this space and label the zones if you’re feeling a little extra – but in order to get organized and stay that way, you absolutely are not required to go out and purchase brand new containers because it all lies within the habit changes.

A reminder that this is not wasteful; this is committing to a different choice, a different habit if you will, of no longer over buying food items that you will just get lost in the abyss of your pantry and expire before you’re able to actually consume it.

2. Commit to making a weekly meal plan to avoid future food waste - your grocery bill will thank you!

3. Create a Backstock zone where your extras can be stored, and commit to “shopping” from this zone before going to the grocery store to avoid doubling up on items

We must be willing to change our habits in order to introduce organization into the home.

Happy Earth Day & Happy Organizing!

Yours truly,

Jaime Bergman, Professional Home Organizer

Owner, Crescent Living Co

Jaime Bergman - BIO

Jaime is a Professional Home Organizer and the owner and founder of Crescent Living Co – a full service home organization company and helps busy families all over the Lower Mainland of Vancouver turn their chaotic clutter into calm. Outside of home organization she loves to cook, tries to keep up with her adorable daughter, and consumes copious amounts of coffee!

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