Behind the Scenes at Preloved

Behind the Scenes at Preloved


Lemonberry has been carrying Preloved for a long time now. Preloved was actually my first introduction to the eco side of the fashion industry.  I remember I was walking down Queen St.- this was before we carried Preloved - and I stopped into the Preloved boutique. A man and a woman came out from the back of the store and the women complimented me on the jacket I was wearing - I recall it was a J.Lo piece I was selling at Lemonberry at the time.   She mentioned to the man that they should make a piece with similar styling.  I thought it was so nice that she liked my fashion sense.  To be honest, it was so long ago Im not even sure if it was Julia Grieve or her partner at the time who stopped me in the store.  It wasn't long after that however, that I started carrying Preloved at Lemonberry.  I loved what they stood for, how incredibly cute it was, and how they used reclaimed materials in their production. 


Last week I went to do my fall buy with Jules (Julia Grieve) of Preloved at her office/factory and, as always, I had so much fun catching up with her and talking biz.  Here are a few sneak peaks of our fall picks.  The new material they are using for their fall collection is recycled cotton. See in video below.



Julia also took us on a tour of the factory (right outside her office doors) where Preloved is made and she introduced us to her team. She also told us about the Pan Am games collection where they have up-cycled Pan Am Games banners into totes & produce bags to help reduce their environmental footprint.



I hope you liked this short but sweet behind the scenes video with Julia at Preloved.  Let us know what your favourite fall piece is below in comments. 

XO Lemonberry




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