How to have the perfect morning...

How to have the perfect morning...

I love a magical morning. It’s when I am the most inspired, clear and productive. It’s also the only guaranteed time I have for myself while the world is still quiet. I always make it really nice for myself, I don’t skip steps. I am all about setting up vibe, wearing something cozy while enjoying a quiet coffee, journalling and making my to do list for the day.

I want to share some of my favourite products to incorporate into your morning routine if you’re looking to elevate the experience for yourself. And you should, because you deserve it!

Classic + Sweet Coffee from Indie Coffee. Indie Coffee is roasted locally in Newmarket ,Ontario. They roast organic beans, produced on farms that prioritize fair working conditions and wages.

Knit Marnie Sweater from Lemonberry

Cafe No. 01 Luxury Candle Collection from COCOLILY & CO

Luxe Daily Planner To-Do List Notebook from COCOLILY & CO. COCOLILY & CO a collective community for the female entrepreneur & her modern lifestyle. 

With the holidays around the corner, these are beautiful items to gift yourself or someone else who loves to have the perfect morning. 

Remember, the simple things that don’t take much time are what make a huge difference in our lives.




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