Top 5 Jeans for Fall 🍂

Top 5 Jeans for Fall 🍂

Introducing an exciting collaboration with Tracy Smith from Kitchen Table CEO X Lemonberry, where Tracy unveils the must-have denim essentials for this fall. In this exclusive blog post, Tracy will be your style guide, showcasing five top-notch jeans that promise to elevate your autumn wardrobe. Get ready for an insightful journey as she dives into the details of each pair, helping you make the perfect choice for your seasonal ensemble.

I had the absolute honour of being asked to preview some of the top new styles of jeans being featured by Lemonberry this fall. Lemonberry is one of my favourite and go-to shopping destinations, so I jumped at the chance. 

I tried on FIVE different styles of jeans and here they are in no specific order (other than the order that Tanya handed them to me in) …. Drum roll ….


As a curvy gal who loves ankle boots, I am SO happy that wider cuts are coming back in (bye bye skinnies). I just find that the extra shape and room that non-skinnies (boot cut, straight leg and flare) provide help to balance out my hips and give me WAY more footwear options. 

These jeans were so incredibly soft and I appreciated the slightly higher rise. They were very elongating and slimming. Did I mention how soft they were?  I sized down one size in these (28).

**This pair was one of my faves.



I wanted to love these jeans as I am a classic blue jeans kind of gal, but at 5’7”, too often I find that jeans that have been cropped seem a bit too short on me and cut my lower leg at a spot that is not flattering. If you are a bit shorter than me, I think you will love these jeans. Look great with the boots that are in style this fall. Super fun and casual - perfect weekend jean. Took my typical size (29).



You can only have so many blue jeans, then it’s time to add a different colour. These black cargo jeans offer that variety with a cool edge with the detail of the pockets and wide/short leg. Pair it with black or brown, boots or sneakers. Very versatile pant. Sized up. (31)


These jeans are super cute and super form-fitting. Great if you want to show off your curves and still love your skinny jeans!  They have a slightly lower rise. I took my usual size (29). Nice casual Saturday blue jeans vibe.


These were super comfortable, easy to put on and pair with a variety of shoes and tops and they had a really nice rise (nothing was muffin’ing out the top if you know what I mean).  As far as the crop goes, these ones were just a tad bit longer so I felt they hit my lower leg in a much better place). I thought they looked great with boots (casual look) and amazing with heels (love that mix of casual wide leg with strappy heel). I really liked these jeans. 


Really hard to choose. It’s between the super soft bootcuts and the wideleg crop. Hmmmm… I think I’m voting my fave as the WIDELEG CROP just because they’re totally different than anything I have in my closet and I can wear them in so many different ways!


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Thanks Lisa for providing such a wonderful boutique for women in Aurora and for providing options that are more sustainable for our planet!



Tracy Smith is the owner of Kitchen Table CEOs,  a boutique agency that helps women entrepreneurs and small businesses master their marketing so they can reach more customers. Tracy loves comfortable jeans, English Breakfast tea and meeting and helping other female business owners. Need a website? Help with your business writing? Want to get email marketing started? Call Tracy!! Tracy is also the Founder of the OH YES WE CAN! Event - a one-day extravaganza for female entrepreneurs being held on November 6th at The Aurora Armoury. Get your tickets HERE.


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