Unboxing with Melissa @coffeeonsunday_

Unboxing with Melissa @coffeeonsunday_

February is the month of love, and what better occasion to treat someone special – or yourself! – to some extra self-care. 

Lemonberry has curated the perfect gift box for Valentine’s Day, filled with luxurious goodies made to pamper. 

The box includes:

-Lovefresh Lavender hand cream


-Hadaka 24kt Gold Face Mask

-Hadaka 24kt Gold Eye Mask

-Evio Beauty Lip Serum

There’s nothing like getting treated to a night in to unplug, unwind, and slow down to enjoy some lovely new beauty items. I personally reach for the same items over and over again for myself, so I love a gift box like this that allows me to try out some new products and brands. I’m especially excited for the Hadaka 24kt Gold Eye Mask — I appreciate that it can be reused a few times, which means more pampering and less waste! 

If you’re on the hunt for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or a loved one, look no further than a thoughtfully curated Lemonberry gift box! (Plus, it’s already gift wrapped!) 


Melissa was inspired to curate a more versatile and intentional wardrobe when packing for a trip in 2018 – she was determined to travel with only a carry-on. As she read more about light travel, she discovered the world of slow fashion. While diving deeper into her own slow fashion journey and the environmental impact of her wardrobe, Melissa started to share her tips and learnings on Coffee on Sunday to show others that embracing slow fashion didn't need to be perfect, intimidating, or 'all or nothing.' Her forever wardrobe pieces are an oversized black blazer, a pair of white sneakers, and a classic grey crewneck. 

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Website: coffeeonsunday.com

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    Lemonberry: February 16, 2024

    Hey Pamela,

    You can purchase them online on our website. Either in the New Arrivals section or the Accessories section. Here is the link. https://www.lemonberry.ca/collections/accessories.

    They are too cute!


  • Author image
    Pamela Hamilton: February 16, 2024

    How do I buy the box??

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