Unboxing of Warm & Cozy #2 with Dallas

Unboxing of Warm & Cozy #2 with Dallas

Dallas Lombardi, a woman on a mission to teach, empower, and inspire through sharing experiences and providing personalized consulting and coaching services in business and lifestyle. Find out more about Dallas here.

Dallas unboxed Warm & Cozy #2  


Our box is made of 100% recycled material ♻️


 We use eco-friendly tissue paper that is FSC-certifiedrecycled paper and is fully home-compostable after use. Even our logo sticker is 100% recyclable and compostable, and made with FSC-certified materials and soy-based inks. 

In the Warm & Cozy #2 box we have a coal & canary candle & our most loved gift of the season our Preloved Ariel heart mitts.

You can purchase this Warm & Cozy box here.  What would you like in your gift box. Share below in comments.

Make sure to check out Dallas Lombardi and see all the tips and interviews she's done on lifestyle coaching & business consulting. 

You can find Dallas on her website  www.dallaslombardi.ca or instagram @mrsdallaslombsrdi


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