5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 🌍

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 🌍

April 22 is Earth Day, an international holiday to help honour earth and all its elements - bringing together ideas and ways to live in a more healthy, sustainable environment.

We have put together 5 ideas to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Plant A Tree

This is a great way to help the earth. There are various tree planting organizations within your city or you can simply donate to One Tree Planted.


2. Support Our Pollinators

Select pollinator-friendly plants and flowers that attract pollinating bees. Without our pollinating bees, most vegetables wouldn’t grow and flowering plants wouldn’t survive. The best flowers to attract bees include wildflowers, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula, and verbena. You can also plant culinary herbs to attract pollinators and those include sage, thyme, lavender, chives, dill, basil, oregano, rosemary, and mint.

3. Support Your Local Farmer

You can do this by visiting a local farmers' market. You will be supporting your local growers and also be getting fresher produce.

4. Host A Farm to Table Dinner

A great way to showcase the produce you purchased from the local farmers market. Host a spring-themed farm-to-table dinner in your backyard.

5. Other little but big ways you can celebrate and make a difference include using reusable water bottles, not buying plastic and only glass or paper products, use reusable shopping bags, practice sustainable fashion (link to Lemonberry fashion on your shop website), take shorter showers and turn off the lights when not in use.

For every purchase made on Earth Day April 22nd 2024, we will donate to plant a tree.Β  Shop now!

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