3 Tips to Support Body Changes of Perimenopause with Laura Dixon

3 Tips to Support Body Changes of Perimenopause with Laura Dixon


Perimenopause, which typically begins in the mid-30s and continues onward, often presents as a challenging phase in a woman's life. Juggling busy family schedules, established careers, and potential caregiving responsibilities for aging parents, it's understandable that this period can be quite stressful.


In addition to managing a packed schedule, a woman's body is also undergoing significant changes, which can be exceedingly frustrating. Here are some examples:

-Weight gain despite not changing anything

-Hot flashes and night sweats which can disrupt sleep or cause irritating interruptions to the day

-Changes in body shape with more weight being distributed around the middle making clothing feel very uncomfortable

-Decrease in muscle mass affecting strength, balance, mobility and overall physical function

-Skin & hair changes that can affect overall confidence

-Mood swings & increased anxiety which can make a long day not very enjoyable

-Brain fog affecting her ability to remain confident at work

-So needless to say, perimenopause is a very stressful and frustrating time in a woman’s life!


To combat these frustrations, here are my top 3 tips for support:

1.Engage in strength training to regain lost muscle mass, enhance mood, alleviate anxiety, combat brain fog, and ultimately address the unexpected weight gain that often accompanies perimenopause. If you’re just starting out, start small with exercises like squats and planks. Check out this video here for a quick way to get some amazing strength training in… no equipment required! https://youtu.be/L83RRx3mnao

2.Use a technique like tapping (EFT) for mental health support around the frustration of all of these changes. Tapping’s main benefit is reducing stress by decreasing cortisol levels up to 24%. EFT will also regulate emotions, reduce brain fog, improve sleep, shift perspective and allow for self-compassion which in itself is a game changer. Check out this 7-minute tapping on the perimenopause body frustrations https://youtu.be/CO9H3Z8Z-wY

3.Find a yoga flow/instructor that works for you. Yoga will not only enable mobility but also reduce stress, regulate hormone levels, build strength, improve mood & cognitive function and also tackle the unforeseen weight gain. Like strength training, start small here and be patient with yourself. Yoga definitely gets better with practice. Check out this gentle, 11 minute yoga flow here… https://youtu.be/K96Kosuydhs

Every middle -aged woman deserves to move into self-acceptance and confidence in every area of her life.

When looking to make a lifestyle change, a coach is highly recommended for support, accountability and guidance. Perimenopause is the time to start taking care of you so the second half of life can one filled with enjoyment and vitality!


Laura Dixon Bio

I am a Clinical EFT & Energy Psychology Practitioner as well as a Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor. I specialize in guiding and supporting women with mental health and movement as they navigate the intricate journey of perimenopause & beyond. I understand that this phase brings about not just physical changes but also significant shifts in mental and emotional well-being.  My goal is to provide a comprehensive and compassionate approach to help women embrace this transformative period with confidence and resilience.

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Instagram: @dixonvitality

Facebook: Dixon Vitality

Website: www.dixonvitality.ca (coming soon!)


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