How to Clean & Upcycle a Candle Jar

How to Clean & Upcycle a Candle Jar

This week is Eco Week & we hope to inspire you with ideas to be more sustainable, connect more with nature, upcycle, help make conscious product decisions, and so much more!

Today I’m sharing with you how to clean and upcycle a Coal & Canary candle jar. It’s super easy & I have seen customers do it already!

How to Clean Your Candle 

You can clean out candle jars in many ways but I like this way because its super easy.

 - Boil Water

- Pour the boiling water in the jar of your finished candle.

- Let it sit for 3hours +

- All the wax sits at the top. You can just pop it off once solid. 

- Clean glass.  

Super easy!

4 Ways to Upcycle

Store your makeup or brushes

Store your cotton swabs

Store your reusable facial rounds

Use it as a cup.




Share below 👇🏻 in comments on items you have upcycled so we can all try it too!


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