3 Top Tips for Gardening This Spring

3 Top Tips for Gardening This Spring

Hi I’m Cassia from @marigoldsnroses! I’m a garden enthusiast living in Guelph, Ontario with my husband and 3 little gardening assistants Remy (5), Mabel (3) and Pearl (1). I share all of my gardening adventures over on my account, along with tips and tricks to help you become a more knowledgeable, confident gardener.

Oh, my goodness it’s finally spring time! Do you know what that means?

It’s time to garden!

Here are my top 3 garden tips for you this spring:

1.      Watch your local weather, closely. Spring annuals are cold tolerant (meaning they are happy unless it freezes), however everything else including summer annuals, perennials and shrubs need temperatures consistently above 10 degrees Celsius in order to thrive.

2.      Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your home. Once it has warmed up (think double digit temperatures at night), the beneficial insects come out of hibernation in your garden and it is time for a thorough clean. What does this mean? I like to remove dead leaves, prune where appropriate, fertilize, re-edge and top up my mulch.

3.      If you are shopping this gardening season, make a plan before you head to the local nursery. This plan should include information on quantity of sunlight and the size of spaces you are looking to fill. Why do I insist you make a plan? Because everything at the nursery is stunning and without one, you may easily get distracted by something lovely that just won’t work in your space. Trust me, it’s happened to me too!

For more tips and tricks, or individual assistance with your gardens please come visit me on my account page @marigoldsnroses!

Happy gardening flower friends


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