How to Make the BEST Garden Tomatoes

How to Make the BEST Garden Tomatoes

Here are some tips to get you on your way to growing amazing tomato plants!     

     By Holly Borton @growingwithholly.

     🍅 Pinching suckers off of your plants will help ensure their energy is more focused on producing flowers and lots of healthy fruit. Suckers grow in between the main stem of the plant, and the stems coming from that.      


🍅Keeping airflow at the base of your tomato plant will encourage circulation and reduce the risk of diseases. Makes for a very happy plant!     


🍅 Watering! If possible, avoid watering during the day, especially on the leaves. On hot sunny days, the water drying on the leaves can create sunburn and you will be left with some very crunchy leaves!     


🍅 Soaker hoses are a great way to water directly at the base of the plant. Giving them a nice "deep" water, since their roots spread out so much, will make sure they get the moisture they need to absorb all of the nutrients in the soil. Running your hose for about 20 minutes in the evening (depending on your garden size) should do the trick!    


🍅 Prepping your soil before you plant in the spring, replenishes your garden and gives your tomatoes a great boost right off the start!      


🍅  Fertilizing mid season with some tomato spikes will also make sure you're giving them the extra nutrients they'll need to carry through to the fall so you can harvest some very delicious fruit!     


What tricks have you learned in your garden when growing tomatoes?     Put in comments below.



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