How to Manage Stress: Simple Techniques for Busy Women

How to Manage Stress: Simple Techniques for Busy Women

Unfortunately, these days, stress is such a big part of our everyday lives.  For better or worse, our lives are stacked with full time jobs, action packed with a bunch of different commitments, all while juggling the demands of a busy family life.   

Most of the women that I see in my practice are the primary caregivers to everyone and are utterly exhausted trying to keep up.  As one patient put it “She is everyone’s ONLY” and it puts an incredible amount of pressure on her.  The difficulty is with all of this going on, our own health and wellness goals get put on the backburner while we juggle these demands, and ultimately our health begins to suffer. 

It’s no secret that the typical stress reducing techniques like consistent exercise, eating a healthy diet, and practicing mindfulness and meditation are helpful.  These things can improve your mood, increase your energy and help calm your mind, but in the end, they can also become yet another thing on your to-do list.

In my experience when it comes to stress the most impactful thing you can do is to begin to work on your mindset, and this starts with increasing your awareness about how you feel.  I really love a quick and easy journal activity in the morning that can help you connect with how you are feeling about your day, the demands, and where you are at emotionally.  This can help you identify if it’s a day where you may need to gear down, and take a few things off your plate, or if you have a little extra fuel in your tank to tackle a to-do list.  

The key here is that you give yourself the space to choose to do more, OR less.  Giving yourself this freedom of choice will help to reduce your stress because you are checking in with what you feel you can handle, and respecting that, not overriding these cues.  This may sound overly simplistic, but it’s not.  If we are going to make lasting change when it comes to stress levels we really need to tap into where we are at, and what might need to change, so we can live a life with better balance.  


Dr. Tamarah Chaddah is a Naturopathic Doctor and Menopause Society Certified Practitioner who has been devoted to the health and wellness of women for over a decade.  She is skilled at supporting women through their perimenopause and menopausal years, with education, empowerment and evidence-based solutions.






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