Smoothie Bowls with Naturopathic Doctor @brittanyburrowsnd

Smoothie Bowls with Naturopathic Doctor @brittanyburrowsnd

Smoothie bowls are a great summer breakfast, but if you only use fruit you could end up feeling hungry soon after. Why? While fruits have amazing health benefits, they are low in protein and healthy fats which are important components of a dietary framework that helps keep your blood sugar stable. Blood sugar swings can make you feel tired, hungry, and even anxious.

With a few simple add-ins, you can enhance your smoothie bowl to boost protein, fibre and healthy fats. This helps to stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling full and energized for longer!

Blood Sugar Balanced Smoothie Bowl:

 1/2 banana + 1 cup frozen berries

Protein: 3 tbsp hemp seeds (bonus points as these also offer fibre + healthy fats)

1/2 cup frozen peas (more fibre and a sneaky way to add veggies!)

Handful of spinach (you can never go wrong with more veggies)

Oat milk to blend (use as little as possible to get a thick texture)

Top your smoothie bowl with nuts and seeds for added crunch and even more healthy fats

Curious about how blood sugar and insulin could be affecting your health? Doing a nutrition deep dive and bloodwork (including fasting glucose and insulin) may give insight into why you are feeling tired, get frequent headaches, are anxious, have difficulty losing weight and have acne.

Head over to @brittanyburrowsnd and click the link in her bio to learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and book in! You can also check out here website here.


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