Top 3 tips to reduce stress

Top 3 tips to reduce stress


Women are under an extreme amount of stress coming from the pressures at work, the demands at home and this constant, underlying nagging that we’re not eating well or exercising enough.


The long-term effects of this constant fight or flight mode is taking it’s toll on women’s physical and mental health with increased risk of high blood pressure, intensified menopause symptoms, brain fog and weight gain (to name a few).


It is therefore extremely important for women to start managing their stress before it’s too late.


Here are my top 3 simple tips for women to manage their stress: 


1.Use EFT (tapping) on the stress and stressors (reduces cortisol by 24%). Here’s a quick tapping on being stressed especially with work - click here.


2.Take 3 deep breaths, filling up the belly on the inhale, relaxing the tongue on the floor of the mouth, release and exhale. 


 3.Go for a walk (outside if possible) to clear the mind.


These are all quick and simple tips that can have a huge effect.


Every woman deserves to experience improved well-being, reduced stress and the utmost confidence and managing stress is the key.



Laura Dixon specialize in empowering career-driven women to effectively manage stress, breakthrough blocks, and cultivate confidence in their voice, presence, and impact.

As a Clinical EFT & Energy Psychology Practitioner, she sees the stress releasing benefits almost instantly when working with clients. They leave feeling relaxed, focused and calm.

As a former stressed-out finance professional, she highly recommends the simplicity and effectiveness of EFT (tapping) for busy, stressed, working women.


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