Favourite Cardigan

Favourite Cardigan
One of my favourite things about Fall is having a great cardigan. That go to piece you can just grab, put it on and looks good with everything. This is that cardigan for me.  We carry similar ones every year and it's definitely a favourite.  This Canadian
company is always on point. More details on cardigan here.
This outfit is paired up with a tassel silver/black necklace.  Tassels are strong trend this season.  Great to pick it up the tassel trend in small accents. See more detail here.
Ripped jeans are still going strong into the fall/winter. Great addition to any denim collection.
Not only is this cardigan great but if you're looking for a white shirt....look no further.  This white shirt is the most comfortable one you'll ever wear.  It's all stretch....Yes Stretch!  The arms & back are made of knit and the front of poplin.  All end of the roll material so no waste here. You can purchase this top here.
XO Lemonberry
Hair by: Luxe Hair Den

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