1 Dress 3 Ways with Melissa @CoffeeonSunday

1 Dress 3 Ways with Melissa @CoffeeonSunday

As soon as the weather app shows temperatures in the double digits, I switch my brain to Spring wardrobe mode. And there’s nothing I love more in my Spring wardrobe than pieces that can do it all.  


Lemonberry has the most gorgeous and versatile pieces this season, like this 100% cotton Deloris Dress. When selecting a piece to add to my wardrobe, I brainstorm three different outfits I can make with it, to ensure it will fit seamlessly with my existing clothing. It gets bonus points if it makes my mental list of perfect pieces for carry-on only travel. And this dress absolutely checks both of those boxes!  


What I love about the Deloris Dress in particular is that it feels like the chameleon of dresses. I paired it with some fun accessories perfect for a date night, dressed it up for a classy event, and even paired it with athleisure pieces for a sporty look. 


If you’re looking for a stylish and versatile piece to carry you through the Spring season and beyond, Lemonberry has you covered with a number of gorgeous items to level up your warm-weather looks! 



Melissa was inspired to curate a more versatile and intentional wardrobe when packing for a trip in 2018 – she was determined to travel with only a carry-on. As she read more about light travel, she discovered the world of slow fashion. While diving deeper into her own slow fashion journey and the environmental impact of her wardrobe, Melissa started to share her tips and learnings on Coffee on Sunday to show others that embracing slow fashion didn't need to be perfect, intimidating, or 'all or nothing.' Her forever wardrobe pieces are an oversized black blazer, a pair of white sneakers, and a classic grey crewneck. 

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