5 creative ways to use your GF notebooks

5 creative ways to use your GF notebooks

Mary from @myhouseofzing has put together a few ideas on how you can use your Gentle Fawn Notebooks.


Other ideas we have put together include:

  1. A Gratitude Journal - Jotting down and reviewing what you are grateful for daily, helps keep the important things in perspective.  
  2. Grocery List- If I don't write down what I need to get, I come back with WAY more than I need. You can use this notebook to make sure you get everything you need, and that's it.
  3. Planning an Event- It's great to have an event specific book for planning events.  I love going back to see what I've done in the past to make sure I've covered everything, and can make the next event even better!


From October 13-15th, get a Gentle Fawn notebook FREE with every GF purchase* $100+. 

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How will you use your notebook? Journaling, recipes, notes, grocery lists, meal plans, gratitude journal, daily lists, etc.

Let's write about it... in comments below!


*Limited quantities, one per customer/purchase, no holds, limited time - Oct.13-15/2022.


Adding a dash of Zing to all the things... fashion, food, lifestyle + more with Mary.  You can find Mary on Instagram @myhouseofzing & her website www.myhouseofzing.ca


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