Trends happening in NYC right now!

Trends happening in NYC right now!

When I went to NYC this February I saw a lot of fun styles that I absolutely loved!  I have showcased a few of them below. All these styles will continue to be popular from this spring into fall 2020 and some be available Lemonberry's spring- fall collection.

1. Combat boots


Many people were wearing these boots in NYC.  You can wear them with just about any outfit - dresses, jeans, or sweats.  It's a fun new look to add to your wardrobe.

2. Animal Prints

Animal prints -  especially zebra print - were pretty big in NYC.  This again will continue into Fall 2020.


3. Striped Pants

Striped pants will be very strong this Spring 2020.  We already have this trend in the store.  Click here to see it online.

4. Floral Print Dresses

Floral print maxi dresses were definitely a look I saw in both store windows and on the streets. We have a few to choose from in store right now - click here to see them. We also have an item similar to this one I saw in the Kamloop clothing store window above. All of these dresses look great paired with a jacket. Here is a dress we have in the store - not floral - but has the same look. This one is very similar to the dress in the Maxwell window above

5. Wearing sneakers with jeans.

Although this look is not completely new, many people were sporting it and it deserves mention.

6. Larger Headband

This is also another look that I saw a lot of.  We will be getting these in store soon.  Stay tuned :)  Here Joëlle from La Petite Noob wears it perfectly .

7. Faux fur jackets

This faux fur jacket trend is staying and we've purchased styles for Fall 2020. Above this women is also wearing 2 other trends mentioned ealier, animal prints & sneakers with pants (in this case leggings).
These 7 trends were the top looks I saw in NYC this February.  Indicators show that they will continue to be a trend throughout this year.  Check them out in the store or online.



If you've noticed any trends you love, mention them below in the comments. I love researching this topic and would love to.see what you like or have noticed!


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