3 Tips for Women to Beat Stress and Prioritize Health through movement

3 Tips for Women to Beat Stress and Prioritize Health through movement


Women are under an extreme amount of stress coming from the pressures at work, the demands at home and this constant, underlying nagging that we’re not eating well or exercising enough.

Although most of us know movement is important and critical for our long-term health, most of us are not doing it on a consistent basis. The roller coaster ride of moving for a few weeks followed by longer lulls of no movement tend to be what happens for most women.

It is therefore extremely important to find ways to make movement accessible and easily done.

With that, here are my top 3 tip for making movement a consistent habit:

1. Ask yourself if you can do 10-20 minutes of low impact exercise most days of the week. We can get our heads around doing short bits of movement instead of trying to commit to an hour long sweat session. For example, try alternating between squats and a plank for 10 minutes with short bits of rest in between. If you would like to see 3 different ways of how to make 3 low impact movements into quick 10 minute workouts, check out the link here https://lauradixon.clickfunnels.com/3x3for10minuteworkouts.

2. Find an accountability partner or hire a personal trainer to keep you going when you want to give up. This will get you past that 2-3 week point when it gets to be too hard, life gets in the way and you want to give up. We as women are really good at sticking to something when we are accountable to others. Trust me, this works!

3. Do something you enjoy. Walking, dancing, yoga all count! Try to look at movement with no rules. Put your playlist on for 10 minutes and dance like nobody is watching. Or give yourself a break and go outside for a walk for 10 minutes. This is not only beneficial to you physically but mentally as well. If you sit a lot, check out this free 10 minute yoga video here https://lauradixon.clickfunnels.com/10minuteyogavideo

These are all quick and simple tips that can have a huge effect.

Every woman deserves to experience improved well-being, reduced stress and the utmost confidence and short bits of movement are key.

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