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FREE! 10min Back Care Yoga for Desk Workers


I've had some health issues this last year & it all stems from a pinched nerve in my neck. As soon as the pandemic hit I started enhancing Lemonberry's online presence but I found that I was working far too much in a position with poor posture. My 'at desk' position was not correct and my body was suffering. I have arthritis in my neck, bicep tendonitis and severe carpal tunnel.


I started getting intense shoulder pain that radiated down my arms. It was active at all hours and increased at night. I tried everything to reduce the pain - from physical therapy to multiple cortisone injections. In the past couple of months the only thing that has really made a lasting improvement has been a regular yoga practice. Apparently sitting crouched over in a chair all day wasn't good for me... shocking!


There are so many benefits to doing yoga It helps with back pain relief, can ease arthritis symptoms, benefits heart health, relaxes you, helps with sleep, improves strength, helps with flexibility, and so much more.


I've discovered that many other people have found themselves in a similar position (literally and figuratively) as me during this pandemic and so Lemonberry has collaborated with Functions Studio Inc. to bring you a yoga video that helps with back care. Betty Fleming instructed this 10 minute back care video for desk workers.


Functions does online videos now and you can go to their site and download other videos as well. Here is a link to their app - and you can find their online schedule here -


Check them out! It's a women run facility and they are located in Newmarket.


XO Lemonberry



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