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5 Décor Tips to Style Your Home Office


This is something that is so important. When decorating a space in particular your home office, adding small accents that reflect your personality will not only help make the space feel like your own, but it will also complete the space.

Baskets (we love our baskets)

They are perfect for storage and keeping things organized.
Decorative boxes/pen organizers are also perfect for keeping you organized.



Adding plants is another way to bring some outdoor touches to your office. A pop of green always helps put that finishing touch to your space.

Wall Décor

Add some details to your walls to finish the space. Art, clocks etc. can finish off a space. Make sure you add art where you can see it easily as this will allow you to always see something that makes you happy.


Lighting is important when working from a home office space. Add a desk light that gives off enough light for your work area.

Sometimes it is as simple as finding that wall space in your home for a small console which converts into a working desk.

You don’t need a lot of space to create your own home office.

By Jana Gobbo

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