Let's Build a NYE Grazing board!

Let's Build a NYE Grazing board!

My name is Talia, and I am the owner of All the Graze, a family & female-owned grazing company I run alongside my sister Bianca. We specialize in grazing tables, platters & boxes and have been in the industry for almost 4 years. Our niche is tiered grazing table and food styling, servicing the Toronto area. Pictured: Talia (left) & Bianca (right). 

Website: www.allthegraze.ca

Instagram: @allthegraze_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/allthegraze


LET’S BUILD A NYE GRAZING BOARD!                                                                                                                                            
Prep your ingredients & select your surface

If you’re feeding up to 10 people, use a large cutting board lined with parchment, or a 20-30cm wooden board. Take out all of your items from the fridge, wash and cut your fruits & veggies, slice any hard salamis or pepperettes.
Place your bowl(s) & fill ‘em up!
Use small bowls that can fit roughly 1-2 cups of dip/olives/pickles. Small ramekins work great. If using 1 bowl, place in the center, if using 2, place one at the top left and bottom right of the board. Fill your bowl(s) with dip, olives, pickles, flavoured oils or any other accompaniment you prefer.                                                                                                      
Cheeses & Grapes
Take your cheeses and place them as symmetrically as possible on your board. For a balanced board, 3-5 cheeses are ideal. Place 2 or 3 bundles of grapes along the outside ends of your board, typically behind a cheese.

I’d recommend something soft (french brie), hard (aged gouda), semi-soft (manchego) and a blue (gorgonzola or stilton).      

Crackers & Bread

Use your bread & crackers to make a border around your board so smaller items don’t fall off as you continue to build.                                                                                                                               


I’d recommend a plain water cracker, and a fruit & nut cracker. Fresh crusty bread like a sourdough is also a great treat.


Meats (optional)                                                                                             
Place your meats next to the cheeses on your board. Prosciutto slices can be folded like an accordion, and salami slices can be folded in quarters. Both can be made into a “river”.                                                                                               

I’d recommend genoa salami, Italian prosciutto & spicy cacciatore

Berries & Veggies                                                                                         
In the empty spots, pick one or two to fill with berries and veg. Mix the berries for a beautiful look!

I’d recommend blueberries & cucumbers if I had to pick just one of each.

Dried Fruits & Nuts, Chocolate/cookies                                                                                
Just like the berries, fill the remaining holes with these ingredients. You don’t need a lot!

I’d recommend toasted walnuts, dried apricots & dark chocolate.                                                                                                                              

Top your creamiest cheese (usually a brie) with your selected ingredient.


I’d recommend honeycomb if you can get your hands on some!                                                           


My favourite garnish is rosemary. Place on top of crackers/bread for an instant pop. Take it one step further with fruit roses or dried citrus. 


If you don't have time to make a platter or want to take one more thing off your plate for your gathering, go to www.allthegraze.ca and have them graze your party :)


Thanks Talia & Bianca!




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