What to do for #EarthHour

What to do for #EarthHour


Give an Hour for Earth by spending 60 minutes doing something - anything - positive for our planet.

- Go for a walk in nature

- Meditate

- Stargazing

- Learn and identify plants & animals in your neighbourhood using Google lens

- Look around your house and try to spot things that are not environmentally friendly and see if you can replace it with something more sustainable. Ex. Plastic bags - reusable bags, coffee capsules- reusable ones, cling flim - beeswax, etc.  You can find more alternative here & here.

- Do a cleaning of your closet and donate items you do not wear anymore.

- Turn off lights at 8:30pm March 25 for the hour & any unnecessary appliances.


What to do in the dark (by Candlelight):

- Play board games

- Read

- Try a blind taste test  

- Yoga 

- Set up a backyard bonfire and cook up some s’mores

- Dinner by Candlelight


Go beyond an hour by:

- Try to eat more plant based meals - we always carry vegan cookbooks in store to help with this.

- Less food waste - try to finish off whats in your pantry & fridge before you go grocery shopping again.

- Travel responsibly - car pool, walk if you can, etc.

- Calculate carbon footprint here & see if you can reduce it.

- Eliminate plastics 

- Save water

- Be energy efficient

- Be a conscious consumer - look for more sustainable products

- Stay informed

You can go here for more details on all the things you can do beyond the 1 hour.


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