3 easy steps on how to stick to your goals

3 easy steps on how to stick to your goals

The most important factor in goal success is alignment with what you want. Most people struggle to achieve their goals because they're doing something they believe they 'should' do to please the people around them.

Here's a few questions to ask yourself before you put your goals on paper:

1. Why is accomplishing this goal important to ME?

2. Why is now the time to focus on this goal?

3. What will I say to myself when life gets bumpy, busy and I want to quit?

Once you've answered these questions, braindump all the ways you currently know how to accomplish these goals and start plugging these tasks into your printed or digital calendar.Β 

Find a beautiful frame or a spot on your vision board to post your answer to question #3.

PRO TIP: Schedule a monthly review at the end of each month to see your progress!


Justine McDonald is the founder of Goal Chasers, a speaker and the author of the Mama's Got Goals Planner. She's leads a small army of women in business through to goal success each year with her coaching programs, retreats and planning systems. She was also selected to create a custom planner for Jillian Harris's Jilly Academy Box in 2022.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegoalchasers


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