What is Sangria made of?

What is Sangria made of?

Traditional sangria is made with red wine, water, herbs, spices, and fruit. Today’s sangrias have a wide variety of ingredients, and each recipe is different. Soda and brandy are common modern additions. You can make any sangria recipe your own by substituting the fruit used, the type of sugar or sweetener, and the style of wine. Don’t hesitate to get creative!

Wine: For best results, choose a young, fruity wine that you enjoy drinking on its own. Avoid overly complex or heavily oaked flavors. Popular options include Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Gamay Noir, Baco Noir, and even Sauvignon Blanc.

Fruit: The most common fruit you see in red sangria is by far citrus fruit. Lemon and orange are key ingredients in majority of sangrias. Apples, nectarines, peaches, strawberries, and grapes are used for added sweetness. Other berries only add flavor if muddled.

Sugar: For optimal sugar dissolution, fine white sugar is recommended. Brown cane sugar adds colour but won't dissolve unless cooked into a simple syrup. Alternatively, honey, date syrup, and coconut sugar are viable substitutes.

Spices: Usually, traditional sangria recipes keep it simple and use a stick of cinnamon. But you can add star anise, nutmeg, ginger, or cloves.

Soda:Soda is optional in sangria, as the traditional recipe does not include carbonation since it predates its invention. However, if you enjoy the extra fizz, you can add a small amount of soda water or lemon soda just before drinking.

Alcohol: Spanish Brandy is a great addition to sangria, as it's also made from grapes. To increase the drink's potency, consider adding a few ounces of Vodka, Gin, or Vermouth.

Red Sangria:


1 bottle of Red Wine (750ml)

2 oranges

1/2 lemon

1 cinnamon stick

3 tablespoons sugar or simple syrup; 1:1

1 green apple

2 peaches/ apricots

Carbonated beverage; lemon soda, orange soda, soda water

2 oz brandy or vermouth


1.Create a simple syrup by dissolving sugar in two tablespoons of water over low heat, using a 1:1 ratio of water to sugar. Let cool.

2.Wash oranges and lemons, removing thick rind pieces before juicing oranges.

3.Juice oranges and lemons.

4.In a large pitcher or bowl, mix the wine, simple syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, and brandy together. Add pieces of lemon and orange rind. For Traditional Sangria, include a cinnamon stick and let it sit for at least two hours or overnight to infuse the fruit rind and cinnamon flavors before serving over ice. Alternatively, for a modern twist, add chopped green apples and peaches, and top off with a carbonated beverage and enjoy!


Cheese Pairings: When it comes to pairing cheese with red sangria, you'll want to look for varieties that are rich and full-flavored, with a hint of sweetness to complement the fruity notes in the drink. Some good options to consider include aged cheddar, Manchego, Gouda, and Roquefort. Blue cheeses, such as Stilton or gorgonzola, can also work well as their tanginess balances out the sweetness of the sangria.


White Sangria:


1 bottle of chilled White Wine (750ml)

3 cups sliced apples, peaches, grapes, and strawberries.

1 table spoonsugar or simple syrup; 1:1

2 ozbrandy

1 ozorange or raspberry liquor


Carbonated beverage; lemon soda, orange soda, soda water


1.Begin by washing and slicing your desired fruit, aiming for roughly 3 cups of sliced fruit.

2.Place the sliced fruit into a large bowl and cover it with sugar. Gently stir the fruit and sugar together, allowing the mixture to macerate for as long as possible to extract extra flavors. Once done, stir the mixture again until the sugar has completely dissolved.

3.Add in the Brandy and Liquor of your choice and stir to combine.

4.Transfer the mixture and the chilled white wine along with the soaked fruit to a large pitcher. You can either let the flavors combine further by leaving it in the refrigerator or serve it right away.

4.When ready to serve, pour the mixture into a glass with ice and scoop some of the soaked fruits into the glass. Finally, top off with a carbonated beverage and enjoy!


    Cheese Pairings: When selecting a cheese to pair with white sangria, it's essential to consider the ingredients in the drink and their respective flavors. For example, if the sangria has tropical fruits like pineapple or mango, a cheese with a slight sweetness like Monterey Jack or Colby Jack could complement it. Similarly, if your sangria has tart ingredients like lemon or lime, a creamier cheese like burrata, ricotta and goat cheese can balance out the acidity.


    Presentation is everything! Don't be afraid to get a little “cheesy” and have some fun with it. Arrange your cheese and sangria on a beautifully displayed platter and let the feasting begin. Add some fresh fruit and crackers for extra texture and flavour.

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