7 Simple Tips for Your Selfcare Routine

7 Simple Tips for Your Selfcare Routine

Try These 7 Simple Tips for Your Selfcare Routine

By Cassandra McD.

We all know getting through the past two years has been challenging. We’ve felt disorganized, overwhelmed, stressed out or even burned out. I know I've felt like I’ve experienced all the feelings over the course of a week! But one of the things that I've come to realize is that having a routine centered on self-care can be a game changer.

There is truth to the adage that setting aside time for selfcare is not selfish, it's necessary. You are worthy and deserving of care too. Having a selfcare routine can provide you with a greater sense of control by helping you feel more grounded and making life feel just a little more predictable.  

So, what is self-care anyway?

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

 - Anne Lamott

Self-care is about your ability to manage your health and wellbeing (physical, mental, and emotional). According to the World Health Organization, this can include your personal hygiene, what you eat, your lifestyle and living conditions and socioeconomic factors like your income level and cultural beliefs. 

Self-care is also about empowerment through autonomy, self-reliance, and self-efficacy. Self-care affects not only you and your relationships, but it can impact communities by allowing for greater participation and support. 

Try These 7 Simple Tips for Your Selfcare Routine

First things first, schedule the time in your calendar or on your to-do list for your selfcare routine. It's called a selfcare routine for a reason, so make sure you make it recurring priority. 

1.  Don’t check your phone right when you wake up. Ease into the first moments of the morning with a quieter, less distracted mind by leaving the phone on the charger as you get your morning routine started.

2.  Make your bed every morning. Making your bed is an easy way to accomplish a small win for the day. It takes a couple of minutes but can have a feel-good impact on how your day begins.

3.  Slow down and savour the little things. Whether you’re taking a shower or sipping your morning coffee, do it slowly. Pause to appreciate the feel of the water on your skin, the aroma of the coffee and the warmth of the mug in your hands. 

4.  Get an energy boost from the sun. Let the sunshine brighten up your day and give you an energy boost by getting outside for 10-15 minutes every day (don’t forget to wear sunscreen). Also, slow down and take a moment to feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the breeze on your skin.

5. Set some time aside to pause and reflect. Find a quiet spot where you can be alone for a few minutes and embrace quiet and alone-time. This might look like sitting in silence and gratitude journaling, meditating, or breathwork. Finding something that you enjoy doing will help you stick to it.

6. Move your body. If you can’t get outside consider getting some movement into your day by putting on your fave Beyonce song and taking a 5-minute dance break. You can do simple stretches or a more active workout session at home too. Do what feels good to you as long as you commit to showing up for yourself consistently.

7. Switch up your routine occasionally. Doing the same thing every day can get boring real fast. You can avoid getting bored or even too comfortable by making small changes to your selfcare routine occasionally. It can be as simple as finding a different route on your walks or switching your solo stretches for a yoga session with a friend over Zoom. 

Making a tiny adjustment might breathe new, positive energy into your routine. Go ahead, shake things up a bit!

Selfcare Is What You Make It.

 The beautiful thing about self-care is that it looks different for everyone. For some, self-care might include a 'self-care Sunday' routine involving a mani-pedi session or a bubble bath with a glass of wine, candles, and a curated playlist. For others with limited time, selfcare might involve acts of kindness like donating their time to serve others or having breakfast with the family, phones, and devices away.

When establishing your selfcare routine aim to make it fit your current lifestyle and think about what works for you and what feels right. When it comes to selfcare you truly get to do you, Boo!

 So, how will you prioritize self-care in your daily life?

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. No matter what you choose to do, a good self-care routine should be centered around prioritizing taking care of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.   

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